MySource Mini download and install

Posted on 27 Oct 2009 8:32pm by Aleks Bochniak

At the MySource Matrix international user conference, currently underway in Hobart Australia, it was announced that MySource Mini will be going GPL with a public SVN repository. It was also announced that the same will be available for the regular MySource Matrix CMS.

Other main news from the conference is that there is now available a free download of MySource Mini as a VM image with instructions on how to get it up and running. This is hinted to be a revolutionary new generation CMS, which should suit the needs of most matrix users who are daunted at the task of using matrix itself. This product was developed with simplicity and automation in mind.

It was also announced that:

  • Mini updates will be available for $250 per year for personal use, Free if you're a beta tester
  • Funnelback included with Mysource Matrix SSV
  • Cloud hosting will soon be available for mysource mini installations
  • Mysource matrix will have the ability to integrate with Sharepoint

You can follow all the announcements yourself here on twitter.


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25 Oct 2015 7:03am

Im shat sireli Radio Hayin matxum em ashxarhi amenalavn u barin. Misht mnaceq havatarim mez, ev menq el kpordzenq mer eraxtiqy haytnel, ev bardzradzaynel Dzer vehutyan masin. Sirov mshtakan ev anpopox radilolsox Abrahamyan Anahit.

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