New slick login page

Posted on 19 May 2010 2:47pm by Aleks Bochniak

I think we can all agree the default MySource Matrix login page is a bit naff.

With the release of MySource Mini, there was a nice slick interface introduced which included a new default login page template. Recently, Squiz "back-ported" a nice add-on for MySource Matrix. This add-on is the Easy Edit Suite. This add-on is only certified to work properly in MySource Matrix 3.28.0 and above.

If you are running 3.28.0 then I highly recommend that you download and install this add-on. Instructions and a download link for Easy Edit Suite are available online in the new Squiz Manuals website and easy to follow.

Unfortunately with this new slick edit interface, there wasn't an improvement to the default login template. I believe Squiz are going to add this in the next version, however I could not wait and took the liberty of making my own. Example below.

New slick login template

To get the same working on your site you will need to download this package, and configure a Linked CSS asset and a new Design parse. The new Design parse file will need to be customised to use the Linked CSS. I have included all necessary "mysource_files" images in this package.


Download the template package

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Outputting Excel Spreadsheet XML

Posted on 02 Apr 2010 11:27am by Aleks Bochniak

Background: Information about Office Open XML File Format.

Example: Excel spreadsheet

Above is an image of a spreadsheet we would like to output from MySource Matrix. To achieve this result we need the following:

  • A Design parse for Excel XML
  • An Asset listing to output the XML

Dissecting the Excel XML spreadsheet

The source code of an Excel XML spreadsheet generally follows the following layout.























I am not going to get into a lot of detail in this example, as there is a ton of information about Excel XML format out there and it is fairly straight forward. I am sure if you are familiar with MySource Matrix you will get the gist of it quickly.

Let's get started

Let's begin with a design file. We need MySource Matrix to send the correct mime content type in the response headers and we can do this by modifying a global variable in our design. See below for an example. Download parse file as text.

<MySource_PRINT id_name="__global__" var="content_type" 
content_type="application/" />
<MySource_area id_name="body" design_area="body" />

Next we need to create our Asset Listing. Please make sure you use the file extension .xls on the asset name so that web browsers recognise it as a file download.

There are two parts of the Asset Listing we need to put some code in.

  • Page Contents
  • Default Type Format

Page Contents

Below is an example, which has header row, font and presentation attributes defined. Obviously they are not mandatory. Download as a text file.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?mso-application progid="Excel.Sheet"?>
<Workbook xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:spreadsheet"
 <DocumentProperties xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office">
  <Author>Aleks Bochniak</Author>
  <LastAuthor>Aleks Bochniak</LastAuthor>
  <Company>Web is Beautiful</Company>
 <ExcelWorkbook xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:excel">
  <Style ss:ID="Default" ss:Name="Normal">
   <Alignment ss:Vertical="Bottom"/>
  <Style ss:ID="s25">
    <Border ss:Position="Bottom" ss:LineStyle="Continuous" ss:Weight="1"/>
   <Font x:Family="Swiss" ss:Color="#333333" ss:Bold="1"/>
   <Interior ss:Color="#C0C0C0" ss:Pattern="Solid"/>
  <Style ss:ID="s26">
   <Font x:Family="Swiss" ss:Size="16" ss:Bold="1"/>
 <Worksheet ss:Name="Sheet1">
  <Table ss:ExpandedColumnCount="12" x:FullColumns="1"
   <Row ss:Height="20.25">
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s26"><Data ss:Type="String">All User details</Data></Cell>
   <Row ss:Index="3">
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s25"><Data ss:Type="String">User type</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s25"><Data ss:Type="String">Industry</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s25"><Data ss:Type="String">Date joined</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s25"><Data ss:Type="String">Username</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s25"><Data ss:Type="String">First name</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s25"><Data ss:Type="String">Last name</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s25"><Data ss:Type="String">Email</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s25"><Data ss:Type="String">Position</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s25"><Data ss:Type="String">Work phone</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s25"><Data ss:Type="String">Fax</Data></Cell>
    <Cell ss:StyleID="s25"><Data ss:Type="String">Mobile</Data></Cell>


  <WorksheetOptions xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:excel">

Type Formats - Default

For this example I have pre-created some Data Record assets with metadata. But, you can output whatever fields you like in your Asset Listing. Download as a text file

    <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">%asset_metadata_User_type%</Data></Cell>
    <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">%asset_metadata_Industry%</Data></Cell>
    <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">%asset_metadata_Date_joined%</Data></Cell>
    <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">%asset_metadata_Username%</Data></Cell>
    <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">%asset_metadata_First_name%</Data></Cell>
    <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">%asset_metadata_Last_name%</Data></Cell>
    <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">%asset_metadata_Email%</Data></Cell>
    <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">%asset_metadata_Position%</Data></Cell>
    <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">%asset_metadata_Work_phone%</Data></Cell>
    <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">%asset_metadata_Fax%</Data></Cell>
    <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">%asset_metadata_Mobile%</Data></Cell>

The final result

Using the code supplied in this example I have created a working Asset Listing, which you can preview yourself.

If you need help getting something like this working, please ask below in the commenting area.

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Server is moving...

Posted on 27 Mar 2010 3:12pm by Root User

If you can see this, then you are viewing my site on it's new server.

Slicehost has served me well for the last couple of years, but I have outgrown their service and required an 'upgrade'.

I have also upgraded to 3.26.2 at the same time.

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